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Urgent! Please read & pass along!

Hello everyone, the organization I am a member of here at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Delta Sigma Omicron, is trying to get a scholarship for students with disabilities endowed. I am posting this information now, because we only have this week to reach our goal of $10,000! We’re only $679.00 away from this goal, so please donate! We have been working on this scholarship for about six years now, and it is the first scholarship at UNCP started by students, for students. Every little bit counts & would be greatly appreciated! If you cannot donate, please pass this post along, so that as many people see it as possible! I don’t need to know if you donate. In fact, I’d rather not know. Here’s the information.

Make checks payable to:

UNCP Foundation for the Braves Disabled Student Scholarship

Mail to this address:

Office of Donor Relations

UNC Pembroke

PO Box 1510

Pembroke, NC 28372

There isn’t much time left, so act fast! Thank you!

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